Contact Lens Diary: Part II

Or, How I successfully mastered the wearing of contacts on a cycling and camping holiday.

Day 7: A wildly wet and windy Saturday

(It’d be great for the alliteration if it had been a Wednesday. Alas, it was not and friends, I can mangle the truth due to faults of my own perception and the tricks of memory, but I cannot outright lie.)

Today, we were cycling and had roughly planned about 50 kms to pedal.  It was raining, initially lightly, but the rain became increasingly heavier until I was so drenched that the knees of my cycling trousers foamed up while I pedalled, head down and eyes blinking furiously in the wind.

All was pretty good with my contacts, however, and even better that I could cope with the wind and with cycling for long distances in contacts.  Hurrah!

Lens: Johnson & Johnson Two Weeklies (new ’script)
Length of Wear: About 12 hours, many of which were spent cycling.
Verdict: I pwn contacts.

Day 8: Surprisingly sunny Sunday

The rain must have worn itself out because the next day was bright and sunny.  In went the contacts – no hassle – on went my new non-prescription, wraparound, cyclist bad-ass sunnies and away we went.

No trouble and the wind only dried my eyes out an eensy teensy bit.  I coped magnificently (if I say so myself).

The best part was I did not have to change glasses when going from the outside to the inside – just take one pair off.  Wow.  Oh, how the 20-20 sighted live.

Lens: Johnson & Johnson Two Weeklies (new ’script)
Length of Wear: About 12 hours.
Verdict: Contacts with sunglasses rock!

Day 9: Monday

One more day of wear, I promised my well behaving eyes, and then a rest day the following day as we would be travelling for a tiny section by boat. Sadly, the rest day did not eventuate.

After a perfectly good day of contacts wear, I went to replace my contacts with my glasses for an evening of lounging about the campsite only to discover that, in my neglect, an arm of my glasses had come off and would need a replacement screw.  We were 2 miles from the nearest village and far away from a town of sufficient size to have an optometrist, and the following day, about to go further still.  No rest for my eyes then.

Lens: Johnson & Johnson Two Weeklies (new ’script)
Length of Wear: Longer than I had planned.
Verdict: But- but- but-. Okay I just have to.

Day 10: Testy Tuesday

No rest day for my poor eyes.  I have real trouble this morning inserting my contacts in, but I persevere (it is not an option to go without correcting my extremely poor eyesight).

I find it mostly fine to wear my contacts for another wet and windy but am desperate to extract them in the evening, when it is still too early to go to bed.  Carefully balancing my glasses on my nose and with one arm hooked over an eye, I go about with glasses wildly akimbo.  Luckily, the hostel we are staying in has very dim lighting and, by consensus entirely unrelated to my crazy glasses look, we are all sat in the lounge in the dark, staring out at the storm raging outside and exchanging bird, travel and photography stories.

Lens: Johnson & Johnson Two Weeklies (new ’script)
Length of Wear: Too long!
Verdict: Good, but I miss my glasses.

Post Script

I think I will end the diary here.  I concluded that if I can wear contacts when I have no other option without my mind demanding a change and my eyes coping admirably; if I can insert and extract them inside a tent or in strange, less than clean environs, then I can definitely wear contacts.  Even better, I like them.  Seeing in the rain is marvellous, and rather necessary – the reasons Blake could call this land green and pleasant is because the incessant rain keeps everything vividly veridian.*

* This  post was brought to you by an alliterating adventurer and the number 10 (it’s such a solid number, no?).  Normal posts, whatever they are, might resume in due course without such pretensions.



  1. I generally don’t wear contacts because my glasses are very lightweight and don’t bother me. Last week though, I put in contacts because glasses just didn’t go with my costume and turquoise eyeshadow and fake eyelashes. People kept being taken aback and saying they didn’t recognize me without my glasses. Who knew I was Clark Kent too?


    1. WC

      I find amusing how different people think I look without glasses. Then again, I am sometimes surprised by how I look without glasses…


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