As commanded

As commanded by Purple Orchid and Kirsty:

Aren't you glad?  Me, in my cycling regalia.

Aren't you glad? Me, in my cycling regalia.

Oh dear.  I’m not sure how the photo ended up so small.  But don’t I look divine?

I did not mean to grimace so – I was stretching my mouth before turning on my full teeth smile – but the camera was a bit faster than that.  I found it amusing, so now I offer my grimace to teh interwebs.

I have been ill, again.  Perhaps cycling in sub-zero temperatures is not really very good for me.

Also not very good for me is the amount of work I have been doing.  However, I am slowly, but surely, wrestling it back under my control again.



  1. for some obscure reason i imagined you to be in one of those puffy jackets and pants…like you see little kids in china in the dead of winter wear…so puffy (like the michelen man) that they cant actually walk…just sort of waddle or swing side to side to move…

    when i saw kids like that in china all i wanted to do was give them a little nudge…just to see them roll…or bounce… >_< evil i know….


  2. hi Oanh,
    Just a quick hello after such a long time (from my hiatus). I’ve been so busy lately that it’s mostly your blog and Wandering Chopsticks’ blog that I am still following.
    Your snow photos are really good, and I’m jealous that we only had one day up here when it snowed (not fair is it, you guys down south always have better weather, why???)
    Anyway, do be careful when cycling in the winter. So many bad drivers out there plus treacherous road conditions as well.
    Hope you’re well.
    P.S: you look like you were caught off guard in the photo. And don’t work too hard 🙂


  3. Purple Orchid

    tsk tsk tsk. But funny.

    Nah, I don’t do the michelin man / marshmallow man / captain snowcone look. Just lots of bright colours 😀


    Hi! Good to hear from you and hope you are well, too.

    Thanks re snow photos – we only had two days down here, but then I caught the train north to chase some more snow.

    I was not caught off guard … it was on self timer. I just invariably pull faces when having photos taken. Especially self timer photos.


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