New Blog!

I have, finally, left my Blogger blog for a new home where I can customise the header picture with a degree of ease.  Halfway between Ca Mau and Sai Gon will sit for posterity’s sake, but I’m much happier with the interface of WordPress.

I hung onto Blogger for so long because I enjoyed Google Analytics.  The information it provided was very interesting.  Most people came to my site looking for bun bo hue or banh canh recipes.   I bet they were disappointed.  Ultimately, however, Google Analytics did not in any way affect my behaviour and I began to look at it less and less.  It really did not matter to me how much traffic I got, or where from, or, indeed, why.  Those of you interested in my writing commented; those of you who were not, went away again.  Hopefully, it was a nice encounter, even if neither of us got much out of it.

This is a bit of a nothing post.  Sorry.

Here is a photo to make up for it:-

snow (yes, its still exciting) on the fields of north Hampshire, maybe south Berkshire.

View from the train window: snow (yes, it's still exciting) on the fields of north Hampshire, maybe south Berkshire.



  1. Well! Welcome to WordPress. And it looks like your archives came with you — how nice! When I left one platform, it was obscure enough that there was no way to import/export it to another. Hopefully, the ease of use will encourage you to write.

    I like the blurriness of the plants in the foreground — hinting that the viewer is enjoying the scene, but on her way to somewhere (warmer?). Happy weekend!


  2. Nikkipolani –

    Importing my archives was so easy – I was much pleased. And it imported all the comments, too. When I moved one blogspot blog to another, it left all the comments behind 😦

    That’s the idea – write more!

    WC –

    No promises, but the intention is keenly there.

    SCP –

    Thank you 😀

    I *know* you’re a wordpress fan! How many wp blogs do you have?? 😛


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