Manga Me

By way of Galaxy, I have Faced My Manga Self:

Yes, I really do grin like that. I have many photographs to prove it. I hacked off all my hair, so now it does do random jagged things. And my glasses are orange.

The most amusing thing about doing this little avatar thing was that I had to go look in the mirror to remind me of what I looked like. Although my hair is black, I decided making it shiny grey was more suited to my personality.

Then I thought, well, that’s casual Oanh. But what about Lawyer Oanh? So I went back and made another avatar (but I forgot to give myself a mole, although now I have bags under my eyes and I’m not grinning quite so maniacally):

And that’s what I look like at work. My hair’s a bit neater, see, and I wear jackets.



  1. That’s awesome. I’ve managed to make a fairly accurate “me” as well – a pity they didn’t have a little wrinkle between the brow as far as I could work out.


  2. Legal Eagle – Yes, the ability to move all their wrinkle things around would have been helpful. My mole is not quite in the right place…

    Little Warthog – I thought so. I like that *both* look like me, in each of my incarnations…


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